Biography (EN and JP)

Karst de Jong studied classical Piano and Music Theory at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. In 1991 he was appointed as a professor of music theoretical subjects at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. He specialized in piano improvisation and the relation between analysis and interpretation of the piano literature. Since 2003 he has been appointed professor of improvisation and composition-techniques at the ESMUC (Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya) in Barcelona. He regularly gives concerts with classical and jazz improvisations, both as a soloist and with different instrumental combinations. He has performed concerts in various countries in Europe, the US, China and Japan. He published articles on improvisation and music theory and appeared at numerous conferences. He is a cofounder and board member of the Dutch Belgian society of Music Theory and was an editor of the Dutch Journal of Music Theory. Karst de Jong has taught many masterclasses of improvisation at internationally renowned festivals, among them the International Chamber Music Festival Schiermonnikoog (2008 and 2009), The Piano-Pic festival in the French Pyrenees (2009 and 2011), the Paul Badura-Skoda Music Festival in Vila-seca, Spain (2011, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016), the Gümüslük classical music festival in Turkey (2012), NYU Steinhardt school of music 2013. As an educator he was closely involved in two important European Erasmus+ strategic partnership: METRIC, which deals with improvisation in the curricula of higher music education in Europe and NAIP, the European Master of New Audiences and Innovative Practices. He released two CD's with solo-piano improvisations, Improdisiac I & II. From 2019 Karst de Jong has been appointed as recurring visiting professor at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of the National University of Singapore.

カルスト デ ヨング (1961年生まれ)

オランダ・ハーグ王立音楽院にてクラシックピアノと音楽理論を学び、その後ピアニスト、作曲家、プロデューサー、インプロバイザーとして活動中。1991年からアムステルダム音楽院、ハーグ王立音楽院にて教鞭をとり、2003年から、スペイン・カタルーニャ高等音楽大学 (在バルセロナ) においても様式分析、アンサンブル及び作曲における即興の技術をクラシック、ジャズを学ぶソリストの生徒たちそして、ピアノに限らずあらゆる楽器を専攻する生徒達に教えている。日本、ヨーロッパで幅広く演奏活動を繰り広げる一方、音楽理論と即興演奏に関する様々な学会に出席し論文を執筆。 また、Young Pianist Foundation summer course (オランダ)、International Chamber Music Festival Schiermonnikoog (オランダ)、Festival Piano Pic Académie internationale Gyorgy Sebök Orchestre des Pyrénées (フランス)など数々の音楽祭にてマスタークラスを開催。Dutch Belgian society of Music Theoryの創設者の一人でもあり、Dutch Journal of Music Theoryの編集者としても活躍中。スペイン、バルセロナ在住。 ソロCD「IMPRODISIAC 」をリリース。